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Kelly King Art Director aka Master Blaster

Kelly grew up in The South. Seeking an adventure at age 20 she relocated to Long Beach, California. In the nine years that she has been here many adventures have been had. She completed her Bachelor’s of Fine Art degree from Cal State Long Beach, where she found her true passion: creative strategy. Met Ron Livingston at a pub in Santa Monica. Got bit by a stingray while surfing. Tried and fell in love with Indian food. Met her fiancé that she will marry in May 2010. Most recently she adopted a dog: Chico who has become the office mascot.


Any and everything green
Brian (her Fiance)
Steaks, martinis and grits (not necessarily together)
Renovating her new house
Barcelona, Spain
Art museums
Bike rides on her mint green beach cruiser
Diet Coke, cannot function without it!




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