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Nik Ahlstam Production Artist aka Trivial Pursuit Enthusiast

Nik hails from the Garden State. After finishing high school, and wanting to get out of New Jersey, Nik relocated to Los Angeles. Enrolling in Santa Monica College, Nik would go through a wide variety of majors (Marine Biology, English Lit, U.S. History). After his general studies and many other courses were completed, Nik transferred to Cal State Long Beach. Based on his passion for art, it was agreed upon by himself, and his parents, to acquire a degree that also had an economically viable skill, hereby meaning that their son would not eat Ramen for the rest of his life. Earning a BA in Studio Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design Nik graduated in 2005. Nik joined Moller Creative in 2006.

When not at work Nik can be found playing music, Ultimate Frisbee, board games, or sleeping.


Music, pretty much any form of it
Art, especially Impressionism to present
Vintage Guitars and Amplifiers
Trivial Pursuit / Jeopardy / Scrabble
Random Useless Trivial Facts
Ultimate Frisbee
Obese Cats




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